Given that we are only as good as the feedback we receive (and therefore act on), we welcome any comments. Below are some of our satisfied customers.

Hi Chris,

I have been meaning for ages to write this email.  You deserve it. Thank you so much for your help.  You are so trustworthy and skilled – an unbeatable combination.  I am lucky to have your support and very grateful for it.

Sally Allaway
Personal Best HR

To Whom It May Concern

Computer Troubleshooters – Oakleigh (Chris Gruiters) has supported firstly EnergyAdvice Pty Ltd and then Energy Action Ltd from 2009.

CTSOakleigh have provided weekly on-site support and ad-hoc remote support throughout the growth and transition of the company from a 30 employee private company to an ASX listed company of 150 employees. They have assisted in supporting and maintaining our server infrastructure and end user support. This has also included leading the movement and re-establishment of the IT and communication infrastructure during the relocation of the heads office, migration of our email and data to a new in-house servers and then migration to our private cloud.
The professional, friendly service provided by CTSOakleigh has ensured all employees have had their IT and communication requirements serviced efficiently and effectively. In addition verbal explanations and advice has been clear and concise to facilitate improvements in work practices. Further productivity efficiencies have been achieved by implementing automated tasks for the rollout of Office 2013, Antivirus Installation and Group Policies for the day-to-day functions of the business which include the Monitoring. Maintaining and Troubleshooting of our Active Directory, Exchange & SQL Servers along with our Third-Party Applications.
CTSOakleigh have also provided innovative solutions including enhancing B2B  solutions such as web portals for client access to reports and uploading large files.
The team have always been responsive to our needs and became an integral part of our Organisation’s energy management and data reporting services.

Bill McLellan
Business Operations Director
Energy Action

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks for all the great work you’ve done for Tony Bones. I really appreciate how you always jump to action whenever we have a problem & always go out of your way to provide us with a solution and get us out of trouble quickly. Thanks very much. If only all the companies we dealt with were as reliable as you.


Tony Appleby B.Ed – Director
Tony Bones Entertainment

As I am doing a lot of work today, I am busily transferring files and doing back-ups.  I just wanted to send an additional thank you , ’cause were it not for you, an awful lot of this would not be possible.

Carolyn Shakespeare-Allen

Relief, reliability and wisdom!
I have been director of my own consulting firm since 1989 – and when I started I knew precious little about IT. As I have expanded, and added more and more integrated hardware, I’ve got into confusing strife. Over the years I have utilised many well-meaning IT support people, but often I was still left confused. Sometimes I didn’t even get my problems solved.
Now I have Chris Gruiters, from Computer Troubleshooters, Oakleigh. Chris is in a class of his own – his calm reliability, his wisdom, have lifted a great worry from my business. And I’m getting a great education along the way!
Thank you Chris; my only fear now is that too many people discover your special skills, and I won’t get the fast responses I have come to expect from you. Best wishes and many thanks. Now I can concentrate on the business, and regard IT as a great tool, not a risk!

Glen Barnes
Director, Breakthrough Consulting P/L

Just to let you know that the work done on my laptop a few weeks ago has been excellent. I have now been using it more and other than being a bit slow its great. The programs and work you done have been perfect for me.

Thank You.

Josef Lauinger