COVID-19 – Victoria Stage 4 Information

As you are aware the Government has introduced stage 4 restrictions which obviously impacts the way we will be operating in the coming period. The following information outlines the principles by which we will continue to service you until the stage 4 restrictions are lifted. Hopefully on September 13th. Even with the principles outlined below I am in the process of seeking clarification on some assumptions I have made. On receipt of that information if modifications are required, I will be in touch. Principles of operation: REMOTE SUPPORT FIRST All initial support will be via remote connection. This means no matter where you are located, we can support you. If no remote connection is available and your business falls into the category of: OPEN (FOR ON-SITE WORK) – COVID PLAN Before going onsite the following requirements apply:1) An email declaring that you fall into this category and that you have in existence a COVID SAFE workplan.2) Establish an agreed appointment time is made at the location that requires our services.3) All equipment we will be working on must be cleaned and sanitised before our arrival4) Sign our register of attendance at site. CLOSED (FOR ON-SITE WORK) No support will be

Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government are so concerned about the rise in the volume of Cyber-attacks that a specific press conference was held on Friday June 20th declaring Australia under attack.  This is warning Australian businesses to be proactive in defending themselves against a potential attack. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (www.cyber.gov.au) (ACSC) has identified that the threat actor is utilising various spearphishing techniques. These have taken the form of: links to credential harvesting websites emails with links to malicious files, or with the malicious file directly attached links prompting users to grant Office 365 OAuth tokens to the actor use of email tracking services to identify the email opening and lure click-through events. Given the uptake of Office 365 by Australian businesses due to the majority of the workforce currently working from home, it is more important than ever to be talking with your local Computer Troubleshooter. This will  ensure you are doing everything within your power to minimise the risk of an attack and disruption to your business. The best form of defence against cyber-attack is to use a layered approach which means more than just having endpoint protection on your devices. Even with just Endpoint

How to Work Remotely Using Microsoft Teams

NBN Coming To Your House?

It is not always that simple when an internet or phone changeover happens.  I have been getting a few requests lately to sort out IT issues after an NBN install has been completed. The NBN Technician is only there to connect up your new NBN Internet connection, transfer your landline number across to the NBN Connection, make sure it is connected OK, then their job is done.  Many won’t be interested in checking if your phone has dialtone, the Printer still prints, the Scanner still scans, the Netflix still…Netflix’s.  The reason devices may stop working is because the new router settings maybe different from the old router settings. The wifi name and password will also be different.  If you need help after an NBN install, then get in touch with us on 85037057 or email support@ctsoakleigh.com.au. You can also visit our website, www.ctsoakleigh.com.au, to send us an email or chat with us if we are online.  

Users warned to upgrade Chrome Browser over dangerous bug

Computer users are advised of a recent bug that was found in Google Chrome that could allow hackers to remotely control their computer. It is advised to update to the latest version of the Chrome Browser. Details can be found here in this article To update Google Chrome, open Chrome, got to Options top-right, then Help, then About Google Chrome, and it will start an update automatically.

Microsoft gets explicit about Windows 10 upgrade blockers

Relying in part on the telemetry it receives from Windows 10 computers, Microsoft is getting more aggressive in blocking PCs from getting problematic updates. Read more>>>

Microsoft Teams gains ground on Slack

A Spiceworks survey found that Microsoft’s team chat app has moved ahead of market leader Slack on the strength of its inclusion in Office 365. How many users each app has remains unclear. Read more>>>

Ban Chrome as default browser, limit Facebook user data harvesting: ACCC crackdown

Algorithms exposed, local acquisitions limited. Google and Facebook are facing a raft of tough new anti-monopoly laws that heavily constrain the way they collect data on users and ban the default setting of browsers like Chrome on new devices under a suite of recommendations released by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).Read more>>>

CBA backflips and will now offer Apple Pay

Relents to appease angry customers. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has broken ranks with Apple Pay hold outs Westpac and NAB, revealing it will now offer the increasingly popular service from January 2019 though it is yet to give a specific date. Read more>>>

10 New Things You Can Do in iOS 11 You Couldn’t Do Before

iOS 11 is slated for a general rollout. And while some features (like Apple Pay Cash) won’t be available at launch, the new software will still allow users to do a lot more with their iOS devices than they previously could. READ MORE>>>