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Staying Safe In The Internet Of Things

Smart devices and other Internet-Of-Things (IoT) products have certainly made our lives easier. But as our tech gets smarter and more connected, your personal data has never been more vulnerable, and cybersecurity has never been more important. READ MORE>>>

The hackers targeting COVID-19 vaccine researchers

As COVID researchers around the world race to develop vaccines in record times, they’re being quietly tailed by spies and thieves. Secretive crews of cyber-mercenaries and state-sponsored hackers with names like Cozy Bear and Hidden Cobra are watching and waiting. Last week, the target was the European Medicines Agency, which had confidential documents about the Pfizer vaccine stored on its server. It’s not clear when or how the attack took place, or who was responsible, but it was at least partly successful — some of these documents were unlawfully accessed. READ MORE >>>

Feel drained after a year of Zoom meetings?

As you hit the red ‘leave’ button on your last video conference call of 2020 and shut your laptop, you rub your eyes and slump back in your chair. You’re incredibly tired — perhaps more tired than this time in previous years — and primed for a break. And this feeling hasn’t been helped by sitting in front of your laptop in meetings all afternoon. This year in particular has seen more people than ever communicating with colleagues (and family and friends) virtually instead of in the flesh. READ MORE >>>