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COVID-19 – Victoria Stage 4 Information

As you are aware the Government has introduced stage 4 restrictions which obviously impacts the way we will be operating in the coming period. The following information outlines the principles by which we will continue to service you until the stage 4 restrictions are lifted. Hopefully on September 13th. Even with the principles outlined below I am in the process of seeking clarification on some assumptions I have made. On receipt of that information if modifications are required, I will be in touch. Principles of operation: REMOTE SUPPORT FIRST All initial support will be via remote connection. This means no matter where you are located, we can support you. If no remote connection is available and your business falls into the category of: OPEN (FOR ON-SITE WORK) – COVID PLAN Before going onsite the following requirements apply:1) An email declaring that you fall into this category and that you have in existence a COVID SAFE workplan.2) Establish an agreed appointment time is made at the location that requires our services.3) All equipment we will be working on must be cleaned and sanitised before our arrival4) Sign our register of attendance at site. CLOSED (FOR ON-SITE WORK) No support will be