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Cyber Attacks On The Rise

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his government are so concerned about the rise in the volume of Cyber-attacks that a specific press conference was held on Friday June 20th declaring Australia under attack.  This is warning Australian businesses to be proactive in defending themselves against a potential attack. The Australian Cyber Security Centre ( (ACSC) has identified that the threat actor is utilising various spearphishing techniques. These have taken the form of: links to credential harvesting websites emails with links to malicious files, or with the malicious file directly attached links prompting users to grant Office 365 OAuth tokens to the actor use of email tracking services to identify the email opening and lure click-through events. Given the uptake of Office 365 by Australian businesses due to the majority of the workforce currently working from home, it is more important than ever to be talking with your local Computer Troubleshooter. This will  ensure you are doing everything within your power to minimise the risk of an attack and disruption to your business. The best form of defence against cyber-attack is to use a layered approach which means more than just having endpoint protection on your devices. Even with just Endpoint