NBN Coming To Your House?

It is not always that simple when an internet or phone changeover happens. 

I have been getting a few requests lately to sort out IT issues after an NBN install has been completed. The NBN Technician is only there to connect up your new NBN Internet connection, transfer your landline number across to the NBN Connection, make sure it is connected OK, then their job is done. 

Many won’t be interested in checking if your phone has dialtone, the Printer still prints, the Scanner still scans, the Netflix still…Netflix’s.  The reason devices may stop working is because the new router settings maybe different from the old router settings. The wifi name and password will also be different.

If you need help after an NBN install, then get in touch with us on 85037057 or email support@ctsoakleigh.com.au. You can also visit our website, www.ctsoakleigh.com.au, to send us an email or chat with us if we are online.  

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