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Business Continuity Planning (BCP) – Surviving a Disaster

Protecting your business from disaster seems like an obvious strategy to reduce the risk of failure. How many businesses have a Business Continuity Plan to minimise loss in the face of disaster? What are the 5 key risks to business? Natural Disaster – fire, flood, earthquake, & cyclone. Security Breach – burglary, employee theft, vandalism & cyber-attack. Equipment Failure – infrastructure failure (sprinkler systems), IT hardware failures, broadband & utility failures. Compliance Breach – privacy, data confidentiality, data retention, tax, & OHS. Operational Breakdown – data loss, product recall, & service delivery failure. Most of these risks effects on your business are predictable so you should be able to determine the correct course of action to minimise the impact an event on your business. Focusing on the IT side of the risk mitigation: Natural Disaster – Offsite replication of data & cloud based infrastructure. Security Breach – Unified Threat management & scheduled backup of systems & data. Equipment Failure – Redundancy of broadband links & standby hardware. Compliance Breach – Centrally controlled IT security polices, user access & data retention. Operational Breakdown – Standby hardware & UPS power systems. How can this be achieved in SMB Business? Many of these