10 New Things You Can Do in iOS 11 You Couldn’t Do Before

iOS 11 is slated for a general rollout. And while some features (like Apple Pay Cash) won’t be available at launch, the new software will still allow users to do a lot more with their iOS devices than they previously could. READ MORE>>>

WannaCry Ransomware Protection

You may have heard of the latest spyware on the internet which encrypts files on your PC. This is a timely reminder to be extra vigilant when opening emails. But you also need to make sure your PC is up to date. Microsoft Patch MS17-010 is required to patch the vulnerability. This was patched in March through Windows Update but only for the current platforms. Therefore those running older systems like Windows XP, Windows 8 or Server 2003 will not have received the patch. Plus, SMB1 is an old protocol that can also be used by WannaCry to access your system. TrendMicro have provided a simple tool to check your system to see if the patch is installed and to disable SMB1. Here is a link for more information on WannaCry.

Season’s Greetings

Thank you for trusting us with your technology needs during the year. From all of us at Computer Troubleshooters, have a wonderful, restful holiday season.  We look forward to helping you prosper in the New Year. We will be taking some holidays ourselves from December 23rd until Monday January 9th. If you need to contact us urgently, call us on our regular number and leave a message and we will call you back when we can. Have an enjoyable break and we will see you in 2017!

Low-cost Android phones are secretly sending your messages and contacts to China

Fears of backdoors in Chinese smartphones just became a reality to millions of users. Security researchers have found preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors a user’s contacts, messages, and locations — and every three days, sends that data to China, according to The New York Times. Read More…

Scams & Fraud everywhere – Beware!

Recently we have seen a spike in internet & email scams that could cost you time and money. The nature of these attacks may vary, but ultimately they all seek to make money from you in one form or another. We thought it would be worthwhile giving you, and those around you a heads up on the most preventable fraud attacks we have seen in the last few months: Microsoft Support Pop- Up scam – this latest malware looks to be using Google Chrome & Edge search browsers to enable a fake Microsoft Support Pop-Up on your screen it advises “Your Computer has been Blocked” and to Call for Support on 1800 152 454 – this connects you to a fake help centre who then do their best to convince you let them take control on your computer remotely. Telstra Telephone Scam – in this scam you are randomly called by “Telstra” and told you have errors on your computer. To prove they are from Telstra they get you to login to your computer & access your CLSID, they then tell you your ID (amazingly this is the same on all computers). If you buy their story they then get

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) – Surviving a Disaster

Protecting your business from disaster seems like an obvious strategy to reduce the risk of failure. How many businesses have a Business Continuity Plan to minimise loss in the face of disaster? What are the 5 key risks to business? Natural Disaster – fire, flood, earthquake, & cyclone. Security Breach – burglary, employee theft, vandalism & cyber-attack. Equipment Failure – infrastructure failure (sprinkler systems), IT hardware failures, broadband & utility failures. Compliance Breach – privacy, data confidentiality, data retention, tax, & OHS. Operational Breakdown – data loss, product recall, & service delivery failure. Most of these risks effects on your business are predictable so you should be able to determine the correct course of action to minimise the impact an event on your business. Focusing on the IT side of the risk mitigation: Natural Disaster – Offsite replication of data & cloud based infrastructure. Security Breach – Unified Threat management & scheduled backup of systems & data. Equipment Failure – Redundancy of broadband links & standby hardware. Compliance Breach – Centrally controlled IT security polices, user access & data retention. Operational Breakdown – Standby hardware & UPS power systems. How can this be achieved in SMB Business? Many of these

Why your Office 365 network needs professional IT support?

Microsoft’s Office 365 is now very much at the core of many small & medium business IT systems. With its enterprise class exchange messaging service and its default office suite products like Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint all available by subscription, it is difficult for some to understand why a business would need IT support outside the standard Microsoft technical support offering. So it is worth exploring what can be expected of Microsoft technical support and what are the additional IT services a provider like Computer Troubleshooters can offer to your business. Standard Microsoft Office 365 Technical Support If something goes wrong with Office 365 support is a major issue – to assist you in understanding the role Microsoft support plays in helping with Office 365 should you encounter an issue, they (Microsoft) classify Office 365 technical support into 3 types: Critical: Events that prevent you from accessing or using your services or data, severely impact deadlines or profitability, or affect multiple users or services. Available: 24/7, Response time: one hour High: Events that affect the productivity of users but have moderate business impact, can be dealt with during business hours, or affect a single user, customer, or service. Available:

What is Cryptolocker or Ransomware?

Cryptolocker or Ransomware is a piece of code, if run, will search all your drives for documents, spreadsheets, pdf files etc and encrypt them with an encryption key. After encryption it will usually rename the files as filename.encrypted. This code will encrypt files even on mapped drives to servers, so backups are essential. You will either have to restore from backup or pay the people who have encrypted your files for them to send you the decryption key. This usually costs around the $1000 mark and payment is usually required with Bitcoins, an internet currency.

Malware Scam

If this windows pops up on you screen, just reboot your computer, do NOT phone the number on the screen. This is a scam. It is advised to then scan your PC.

Email Scam – AGL

If you receive an email from AGL do NOT Click on the links or open the attachment. This has Cryptolocker and will encrypt all your files. #cryptolocker #malware #agl